Adaptive Insights

Get Breakthrough Insights Into Your Business With Corporate Performance Management in the Cloud

The Adaptive Suite is a cloud-based business performance management suite that delivers incredibly intuitive planning, forecasting, reporting, and dashboards. Designed for business users and accessible from anywhere, the Adaptive Suite helps you visualise performance, plan effectively, and monitor your results.

Budgeting & Forecasting

Free yourself from manual processes and increase your productivity by more than 70%.

Financial Reporting

Slice and dice your management and financial data, or drill down into details with self-service reporting.

Dashboards & Analysis

Track business performance faster with Adaptive Insights’ intuitive dashboards and analytics software.

Exceptional Global Growth

Adaptive Insight’s unbeatable combination of powerful yet easy-to-use solutions, delivered in the cloud and coupled with exceptional customer service and support, has driven remarkable growth and success.

World’s Largest CPM & BI Cloud

From billions of calculations per day, to hundreds of thousands of reports, Adaptive Insight’s cloud is helping the most organisations make better, faster decisions.

Product Highlights

Automate IconAutomate Icon

Automate roll-ups, calculations and workflow to cut cycle times by 70%+

Simplify Icon

Simplify planning, modelling and forecasting with a single centralised cloud system

Improve Icon

Improve forecast accuracy with continual measurement versus actuals

Analyse Icon

Analyse with dashboards to understand business performance across the organisation

Streamline Icon

Streamline financial, management, and Office reporting processes to a single click

Cut Costs Icon

Cut costs by 50%+ versus traditional solutions with 100% cloud delivery

Maximise Your Visibility Into Plans, Forecasts, Revenue, Expenses, and Headcount

Spreadsheets simply don’t cut it anymore. They create risk and drain valuable productivity. Adaptive Insights has helped thousands of organisations worldwide transform their balance sheet and cash flow plans, revenue forecasts, headcount analysis, budgets, and expense plans, so that they’re agile, responsive, and reliable.

The Power to Plan Effectively, Continuously—and 70% Faster

With Adaptive Planning, you can finally trust your planning, modelling, and forecasting process to drive results. Eliminate risk with centralised data, plans, and models. Accelerate planning using workflows so that everyone is on task. Deliver intuitive web-based planning sheets to engage your managers. Achieve real self-service—finally.

Dashboards That Give Everyone Instant Insight Into the Past, Present, and Future

By monitoring the metrics that matter, Adaptive Discovery dashboards make it incredibly easy for your managers to see how they are performing. Powerful financial intelligence and analytics let you instantly visualise variances, drill down into their causes, and even take action by re-planning and forecasting.

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