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Palo Alto Networks Traps is certified as AntiVirus Replacement

  • 7 October, 2016

Industry News, Palo Alto Networks, Security

On Tuesday Palo Alto Networks announced that its Advanced Endpoint Security Solution, Traps, has received third-party PCI and HIPAA certification as a replacement for legacy AntiVirus.

The independent analysis of Traps was completed by Coalfire Systems, a Qualified Security Assessor. The independent analysis covered technical testing, design review, supporting documentation, architecture and expert interviews. Coalfire Systems found that the Advanced Endpoint Security Solution allows organisations to meet or remain compliant with PCI and HIPAA regulations around endpoint security.

It’s a significant announcement for Traps as it now paves the way for Palo Alto Networks to target a far larger market for endpoint security. Previously certain customers have been unable to adopt Traps due to regulatory compliance standards, with this barrier now removed Traps is now very much capable of displacing traditional legacy AV vendors such as Symantec, Sophos and McAfee.

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