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Palo Alto Networks Traps 5.0 Has Been Announced

Palo Alto Networks have announced that they will soon be releasing Traps 5.0, the new version of their extremely popular cyber security platform. Read about some of the main new features here.

Palo Alto Networks have announced PAN-OS 8.1. Whats new?

In the last few days, Palo Alto Networks announced PAN-OS 8.1. In this article we take a look at the 5 biggest outcomes from the announcement in both software and hardware.

Six new features in Palo Alto Networks Traps 4.1

Palo Alto Networks recently released the 4.1 update to their well regarded EndPoint Security Solution, Traps, last week. Following relatively quickly on from the major 4.0 update, 4.1 has all the usual bugfixes and minor tweaks that you’d come to expect.

Defending against the WanaCrypt0r Ransomware attacks with Palo Alto Networks

It must have been quite the challenge to have gone through this entire weekends news cycle without hearing something about a major cyber-attack in the form of Ransomware that has ‘crippled’ the NHS in the UK, Telefonica in Spain and other organisations.

Palo Alto Networks acquire LightCyber for $105m

Yesterday it was announced that leading cyber security vendor Palo Alto Networks have completed their acquisition of automated behavioural analytics company LightCyber for $105m.

Palo Alto Networks announce PAN OS 8.0, new hardware & more

Last week Palo Alto Networks had audiences eagerly awaiting major new announcements on a day that PAN described as ‘Security’s Colossal Event’.

Traps by Palo Alto Networks, revolutionising Endpoint Security – Part Three

In this final part three of the series, we’re going to look over the Management of Traps with the ESM Console and the platforms that Traps supports.

Traps by Palo Alto Networks, revolutionising endpoint security – Part Two

Continuing on from last week, we’re going to take a brief look at the technical architecture behind Traps, followed by an overview of the Traps Agent.