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Palo Alto Networks have announced PAN-OS 8.1. Whats new?

  • 22 February, 2018

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In the last few days, Palo Alto Networks (PAN) made the large announcement that they were ready to release PAN-OS 8.1, the newest version of the software that powers Palo Alto Networks’ next-generation firewalls. Alongside the operating system release, PAN announced performance boosts were on the horizon with the release of their brand new firewall hardware.

Below we have split some of the biggest points to mention into software and hardware related. We will start with software:

new software pan-os 8.1

Advanced threat detection and protection

The next-generation firewall expands to become an advanced network sensor that collates vital data for analytics. This sensor will be consistently upgraded with updates. The application framework has several functions including Magnifier Behaviour Analytics. This uses the data to allow customers to pinpoint advanced attack, malware and insider threats with great accuracy.


Streamlined SSL decryption

Over 80% of organisations’ web traffic is forecast to be encrypted by next year. Therefore, securing encrypted traffic is imperative. PAN-OS 8.1 simplifies decryption by removing dedicated SSL offloader appliances. Decrypted traffic is then shared with other devices to gain additional enforcement.


Simplified app-based security

This newly released update for the OS makes it even easier for customers to adopt app-based security policies due to improved app and policy review capabilities. It is also more efficient to both maintain a tight and effective rule base with rule usage tracker, and more granularly control risky SaaS apps with new App-ID based controls.

new hardware pan-os 8.1

Greatly increased decryption sessions capacity

The new PA-3200 Series delivers twenty times the decryption throughput that previous models. The PA-5280 brings greater performance and capacity for ensuring large data centers are secured. The robust PA-220R appliance secures networks in harsh industrial environments.


Improved management performance and efficiency

New capabilities streamline the management of large deployments and offer proactive monitoring and alerting. And the brand new M-600 and M-200 appliances deliver high-performance management.

pan os boxes

If you’re interested in checking out more of what Palo Alto Networks has to offer then please get in touch with us. We would love to have a conversation with you and show you how Palo Alto Networks security can work in your environment.

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