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Azure MFA & Cisco AnyConnect – How It Works

  • 12 August, 2022

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Azure MFA & Cisco AnyConnect Integration

Microsoft Azure along with Office 365 has become a standard for many companies. Cisco AnyConnect VPN has been and continues to be standard for secure remote connectivity. But why not bring them together and double the security checks without making adding more tools to the mix?

Multi-Factor Authentication is a Must

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) is a must for ensuring that a set of compromised credentials are still limited in their ability to cause harm. Almost everyone will be familiar with this concept.

Whether you are logging into your online banking or trying to access your Apple iCloud, at some point you will have been asked to verify your identity on your smartphone or another device. It’s standard practice.

You likely use MFA for core applications in the company already. Yet why are we just trusting anyone who can log in to VPN with just a single layer of login protection?

This is where the Azure MFA comes into play.

How the Azure MFA & AnyConnect Integration Works

By leveraging the existing Cisco VPN environment and your Azure instance, we can enable the tools needed within each platform and build out the configuration.

This is all license based which gives us great flexibility in deployment. If you would prefer, we can enable the feature set for a smaller group at first. Once your IT team have been trained on how everything works and how to support it, we can then roll it out to your entire user base.

The Results of Azure MFA

In a very short time, we can dramatically bolster the security of all remote VPN users without major changes to the environment. Utilising the Azure MFA is one of the best ways to fill this vital security gap, and it’s not difficult at all!

It’s one of those rare quick wins we always look for in IT.

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