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What is Cisco Plus?

  • 12 May, 2021

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What is Cisco Plus?

Cisco recently announced Cisco Plus, a brand-new method for businesses to consume the Cisco technologies that drive their operations. Put simply, the idea is to enable organisations to use high-quality Cisco solutions on an as-a-service basis. The tagline for Cisco Plus is “Simplified IT, your way” which shows that it’s designed to be easy to consume and customisable which is a great step towards the new culture we can see emerging in the technology industry.

At first, Cisco will offer Hybrid Cloud and then will expand later to a wider range of services.

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Benefits of Cisco Plus

Easy to consume

The experience of Cisco Plus will be the simplest way of consuming Cisco technology yet. With a cloud-first, unified experience from start to finish, getting what you need in a timely fashion will become far easier than it’s been previously. The different technologies will be modular which will allow you to choose what you do and don’t require. You can add or remove modules whenever you need and you’ll only pay for what you use.

Dynamic service

Cisco Plus will be fully customisable and built to suit your individual needs. With advanced insights and automation functions, you will have the ability to solve issues faster and have greater visibility into the important aspects of your organisation. As your business changes, the dynamic service of Cisco Plus will change alongside it. Cisco offers full-stack visibility improved by AI and machine learning.

Reliable & safe

As with any of Cisco’s solutions, you can rest easy that with Cisco Plus, you will be using platforms that have the highest levels of protection that is possible today. Cisco specialises in secure solutions. When using cloud applications, you need to ensure that you choose a partner that you can rely on. Cisco has a proven track record of delivering the most reliable services with built-in state of the art security. Plus will help you manage the technology and security side of your business with ease so that you can focus on business results.

What will be initially offered with Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud?

When Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud-first becomes available, there will be five modules available: Bare Metal Compute (Cisco UCS bare-metal servers), VDI (Cisco HyperFlex with third-party VDI), Virtualisation (Cisco UCS and or HyperFlex virtual server infrastructure), Edge compute (HyperFlex Edge), DC Networking (Cisco Nexus 9000 series / Cisco MDS 9000 series).

what is cisco plus hybrid cloud

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Features of Cisco Plus

Experience portal

This portal is a self-service engagement platform that will give customers the ability to add or subtract modules, trial new technologies, upgrade their solutions, and track usage by themselves. The experience portal will be introduced shortly after Plus is launched.

Usage dashboards

Tracking the usage of your Cisco services has been greatly simplified. Intuitive dashboards have been designed so that you can better understand business trends and make the best decisions on future investments.

Machine intelligence

With the artificial intelligence and machine learning built into Cisco services, you will receive optimisation suggestions on the best ways to run your solutions to minimise spending and maximise performance.

Shared ownership buying options

You have the option of only paying for what you use with the ability to scale up or down, pay-as-you-grow, or you can fully reserve capacity depending on your need for scaling capacity and optimising cost. Matching a wide range of customer needs, Cisco Plus Hybrid Cloud offers 50% – 100% usage commitment upfront, with order delivery within fourteen days for some standard configurations.

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