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UK Public Sector Consolidation: Why Cisco EAs can lead the transformation

  • 30 September, 2019

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The UK public sector ranging from healthcare, local government, schools and police forces are being tasked to cut costs and streamline processes throughout the country. These changes can be disruptive and time-consuming.

They create stress for business owners and staff alike as they tend to create unpredictable business metrics around cost savings during the transitional period. In the past and for many public sector organisations currently, aligning licensing and software has been an almost insurmountable task that requires a great deal of human bandwidth as well as a degree in mathematics to ensure you have achieved optimal cost savings.

It has been, and for many continues to be a pain point – reviewing in use software, utilisation and adoption figures which are fundamental to the overall picture. Couple these challenges across multiple organisations and the chance for success in an allocated timeframe diminish quickly. Without a Cisco Asset Management tool in place, things can get very difficult.

We’re going to look at how we can help with the challenge of consolidating and centralising the software and licensing estate. The entire process from discovery to starting a new consolidated Enterprise Agreement can be done in under a month, even for large and complex entities who generally operate fully independently.

So how can Tesrex help with this? We have worked with numerous public sector entities. We have also performed similar services for large multi-national conglomerates who face similar challenges. From these experiences across numerous verticals, we have refined our process to make it as efficient as possible for all parties.

We take the heavy lifting out of the equation and come back to you with a clean and consolidated report with detailed next steps. From there, we assess your eligibility to see exactly where and how we can make your organisation both cost and staff efficient.

An Enterprise Agreement can cover any or all main platforms within the Cisco family; Datacenter, Security, Enterprise Networking (DNA), Collaboration and Meraki. Let’s look at an example best described by a simple before and after visual. For this example, we’ll focus on a Data Center Enterprise Agreement.

cisco enterprise agreement public sector

As you can see in the example above, it’s common for four entities to come together with four differing datacenters with their own set of products, licenses, subscriptions, expiration dates and so on. Keeping all those pieces current is an endless procurement cycle which makes technology alignment virtually impossible.

Now let’s look at what we get with an EA:

cisco enterprise agreements public sector

We now have one central agreement that covers all the entities for a set period of 3/5/7 years. New entities can be added seamlessly and each entity has access to the full suite of products within the Datacenter platform. This allows for simplified roadmap planning and gives the different teams the fluidity they need to adjust to the new world.

For procurement teams, the endless cycles of renewals has disappeared, allowing them to focus more on optimising processes.

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With all the benefits above, we can’t forget that with each agreement, there is a new cost savings over buying standalone and perpetual licensing. While working with our clients we have consistently seen a minimum saving of 22% – 34% on licensing bills.

There’s only one question remaining, how to get started? Just click here to send us your info and we will start the initial discussion and answer any of your questions. There is no obligation to buy and our Cisco Licensing Review is free.

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