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Meraki MV22 CCTV Camera Unboxing

  • 17 June, 2022

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We recently got our hands on the Cisco Meraki MV22. The Meraki MV22 is an indoor varifocal dome security camera. This smart camera has up to 3x optical zoom and a large 256GB of storage. The camera records in 1080p which gives you a crisp and detailed picture whenever you need to review the footage.

In this article, we’ll be showing you everything that comes in the box of a new Meraki MV22.

Meraki MV22 Unboxing

Here is the box that the MV22 arrives in. It’s small and compact for ease of shipping.

meraki mv22 box

Once you open the box, straight away you are greeted with the camera sitting snugly on black cardboard. It’s a similar experience to opening a new iPhone.

meraki mv22 camera

Here is the underside of the camera. You can see the three holes around the edge which connect to the mount.

meraki mv22 back

Under the camera is a clear plastic holder. Through this, we can see the mounts.

meraki mv22 box inside

There are two different mounts, one white and one brown.

meraki mv22 mounts

Here is a close-up of the brown mount so you can read the information shown.

cisco meraki cctv mount

Under these was the instructions pamphlet. This describes in detail how to install the Meraki MV22 and get it online.

cisco meraki camera manual

Finally, here are the screws and the alum key required to mount the camera on the wall or ceiling.

meraki mv22 screws
meraki mv22 components

The Meraki MV series of CCTV cameras are the first step into transforming your premises into smart, analytic-rich workspaces. When the cameras are used in conjunction with the Meraki IoT sensors, you can learn so much about your environment. This allows you to find ways to increase productivity, improve employee experience, and enhance your workspaces.

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