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The Dangers of not Performing a Firewall Upgrade

  • 1 August, 2022

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When a customer asks us to come in to perform a security review for them, one of the more common things we find is they are well overdue for a firewall upgrade. When we bring it up with them they usually always have a valid reason. The most common responses are:

  • They are uncertain of the process and don’t want to break anything
  • There is a lack of documentation
  • They simply don’t have the available time and resources to perform the upgrade.

What are the dangers of not performing a Firewall Upgrade?

While all these reasons are valid, we can’t hide from the issues that build up in the background when we don’t stay current. Firewalls upgrades are released for a reason and falling behind can cause the following serious dangers:

Added risk to the organisation

As the threat landscape evolves, the Firewall vendors do their best to introduce new features and modules for blocking these threats. This is different from definition updates which refresh what’s already there. To get protection from the new modules and features, you must upgrade to the more recent stable release.

Inflexible security

A firewall is just one component of the overall security picture. However, you need a firewall to interact well with your other security products. If it can’t, you run into the challenge of having to piecemeal various logs and data points and make sense of it. This is inefficient and erodes the value of your other security products. Firewall platform upgrades often contain new integration points with other products.

Time is the enemy

The longer you wait, the more daunting the task. You create a lot more stress on yourself and your security team due to the growing knowledge gap. This ongoing hesitation starts having rippling effects on your overall security strategy and ultimately leaves you more exposed. Staying current leads to less stress and all-around risk.

Our Fixed-Cost Firewall Upgrade Service

If your Firewall has not been upgraded and you’re concerned about how or when you will do it, don’t worry! We offer a fixed-cost firewall upgrade service. An expert will perform the upgrade on your behalf. Find out more.