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5 Stages Of A Malware Attack

  • 26 January, 2018

Article, Security

As you are most likely aware of, not everyone that uses the internet is a good person. There are thousands of people around the globe who’s main goal is to extort as much money from as many different people as they possibly can. These are obviously unethical people who will use whatever they can find to hold you to ransom, with the threat of leaking your data or shutting down business functions.

Although you may have heard all the horror stories of companies going bankrupt or having to pay hackers huge sums of money because they were infected, do you actually know how an attack is orchestrated? Below you can see a diagram we have produced that helps explain the 5 stages of a malware attack.

stages of a malware attack

The stages of a malware attack are not always exactly the same every time an attack is orchestrated, but it’s always a similar routine. As you can see, when the process is stripped down, it is fairly simple to see how hackers get their hands on so much money. This is why every organisation needs to have next-generation security systems in place such as Cisco AMP, Palo Alto Networks’ Traps or a customised solution.

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