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Features of Cisco SMARTnet

  • 26 February, 2021

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Your network is the backbone of your business. Even a routine issue can have a major effect on your staff, your customers, and your success. Cisco SMARTnet is your lifeline when these occurrences inevitably happen. From day one of your Cisco product purchase, you will be eligible for the Cisco SMARTnet features included below, including 24/7 help and support from experts at Cisco who will work around the clock to resolve any issue you may have.

In this article we will look at the basics of Cisco SMARTnet, and what’s included with your SMARTnet subscription. We explain what the features are and how they benefit you.

Cisco SMARTnet Features

Cisco TAC support

Cisco TAC (Technical Assistance Center) is the award-winning team funded by Cisco that are responsible for providing complete software, hardware, planning and troubleshooting services to Cisco customers if they have a SMARTnet contract. They are essentially your point of call for any of your technical issues. As the experts in their field, you can be assured you are getting the best advice and support possible.

Advanced hardware replacement

Occasionally hardware can breakdown. However, if you have Cisco SMARTnet, Cisco will do their best to send someone out to replace the device with a new, functioning one in just two hours where possible. This is a fantastic service that can be a lifesaver in certain critical situations.

Operating system updates

When you are covered with Cisco SMARTnet you can perform the regular updates Cisco releases that improve the functionality, efficiency, and security of your Cisco products. These are vital to ensure that your network is performing optimally and no unwelcomed guests have access to your confidential information.

Access to online resources

The Cisco website is a huge library of information that contains thousands of articles and guides that are extremely helpful in getting the most out of their products and planning for the future.

Smart capabilities

All SMARTnet customers are entitled to smart capabilities. This includes access to the portal and collector software. Smart capabilities are delivered and accessed through the Cisco Services Connection portal. These provide actionable information and automation to support your Cisco products. Customisable screens show you up-to-date information about the service coverage, product lifecycles, and security and product alerts that apply to your network.

Streamline your Cisco SMARTnet contracts

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