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Cisco’s Spark and Telepresence are the leading services in cloud based VoiP deployments and Video conferencing.

Cisco Spark

Cisco Spark offers messaging, meeting and calling in such a simple way that it is hard to tell where one ends and the next begins. With Cisco Spark, all three are parts of a complete user experience. For instance, with a single click you can turn a phone call into a video meeting.  With a swipe you can move a video call from a room system to your mobile phone and then to another room—so you don’t have to miss anything when you need to move.

It makes setting up video rooms and phones a snap.

Have you ever shown a QR code on your smartphone to board a plane? You can now use the same technology to configure your desk phone in an instant. No help desk tickets. No long wait periods. Instant service.

Complement your existing VoIP infrastructure.

Using Cisco Spark Hybrid Services, you can enable entirely new and amazing experiences by connecting this equipment to the cloud.

It gives developers free reign.

We think some of the best ideas will come from the outside. Cisco Spark for Developers provides powerful, open APIs so developers can create innovative and useful apps that extend the value of Spark. Your telephony system can now allow your developers to create VoIP based applications that move your business forward.

Cisco Spark Hybrid Services

Let’s look at what Cisco Spark Hybrid Services does when you place a call from a Cisco IP phone. The act of placing the call automatically creates a meeting in the Spark room that the two of you share. There, you can show content with a single click. We call this a “zero-touch meeting” because no one actually has to set it up—it is just there when you need it.

Cisco Spark Hybrid Services can connect more too. For example, it can link on-premises calendar servers to the cloud. This makes preparing for, arranging and joining meetings easier than ever—even from your mobile device. Simply type “@spark” or “@webex” into the location line when you create an invitation. Cisco Spark will start a room so the group can share content and ideas. It will also automatically put meeting details into the invitation.

meeting on the cloud
Imagine employees across 5 different offices located across the country walking into their respective conference room. At the time of meeting start, without any intervention, the TV’s come on, the video cameras initiate connection with each other and a conference call is auto initiated between all parties. That’s the power for Cisco Telepresence.

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