Seamless Cloud

True Seamless Cloud is the concept of being able to leverage on-premise infrastructure with Cloud-based services, while maintaining a consistent security policy and application structure between the two models. Fluidity in movement of resources between the two environments is essential for the business to properly benefit from this setup.

As an example, a well-executed Cloud Strategy will allow the business to move workloads seamlessly based on growth projections, seasonal shifts, regulatory compliance changes and sandbox environments. In contrast, a poorly executed Cloud Strategy will often leave the business in a worse off place from where they started. The projected savings will quickly diminish into additional spending and the agility that was originally promised will never be realised. The design elements of a Cloud Strategy must include a unification between the application, security and network teams of an organisation. The migration of the application is the trigger point, after which security and network will follow suit. At Tesrex, we have been conducting our own in-house Seamless Cloud R&D and working closely with industry leading vendors to develop a valid design for a Seamless Cloud transition.

Application Orchestration

Orchestration of an application regardless of any underlying infrastructure

Cisco Cloud Center is the starting point for the application orchestration. Cloud Center allows us to build an application that was indifferent to the infrastructure it would reside on. Cloud Center was designed from the ground up solely for this purpose, thus it’s the perfect starting point. Another key feature is Cloud Center’s ability to do cost analysis. This allows an organisation to map out the fiscal impact of moving workloads in an easy to digest dashboard. For the financial teams, it’s a perfect tool when balancing between CAPEX vs OPEX.

Seamless Deployment

Seamless Deployment and migration of the application between Private & Public Cloud

Private Cloud – For many organisations where a Private Cloud will still be part of their overall strategy, it’s important that they also benefit from the platform. Being able to support the major vendors alongside their SDN platform from the likes of Cisco, VMware, OpenStack, RedHat & more. The goal is to provide the same level of seamless application deployment, a feature that’s a major draw of Public Cloud offerings.

Public Cloud – Cloud Center is agnostic to your Public Cloud provider of choice. All T1 providers are fully integrated into the platform thus no additional labour is required. This simply allows you to build up resources on demand to maximise the Public Cloud’s value proposition.

Distributed Security

Having your data dispersed on multiple nodes across the internet can create major challenges around how to secure that data. We partnered with Cisco CloudLock to bring the concept of distributed security to solve this challenge. With CloudLock, we’re able to build a security wrapper around your applications, whether they reside locally or in the cloud. From there, we can micro-segment applications from each other to reduce the surface area of an attack. The rich interface provides deep analytics to help you determine the behaviour of an application so you can make quick decisions. The built-in policy tools help you with best practices and recommendations to speed up adoption.

Seamless Cloud is all about having the flexibility and choice between where you want to put your applications without being tied into a platform for the long run. As the cloud markets grow and mature at a rapid rate, it’s important to build and deliver your applications in a manner that can take advantage of these advances.

It’s just as critical to ensure that your security model remains intact and flexible enough to allow for this fluidity in your business. The ability to speed up the rollout of applications is a critical differentiator for the modern business to be successful. It’s in this battle for speed and execution that sets Tesrex Seamless Cloud apart from traditional models.

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