Our Team

Robert Walia, Founder

I have been working in the technology industry since before even leaving High School. I’ve always had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I ventured into the consulting side of business before taking a CTO position at a large, nationwide North American company. However, the consulting element of providing solutions that were well above expectations to client after client kept drawing me back in.

Now my goal is simple: Assemble the best team to deliver the solutions to our clients that I would be happy with, if roles were reversed. For hobbies, I enjoy keeping up to date on all tech happenings, tracking cars, watching Formula 1 and GP bikes along with family time.

Leanne Mayall, Director of Operations

I was born and raised in the UK and completed my BA and MA here before moving to the California Bay Area for seven years. Having had the opportunity to work in the Silicon Valley, I’m excited to bring the work ethic and high level of customer service I experienced there to the UK, as well as innovative new technologies.

My background has focused on internal process audits, workflow and budget optimisation as well as recruiting and employee management. I’m thrilled to be coming on board at Tesrex as Director of Operations and look forward to working with our clients to ensure our promise of nurturing relationships is always fulfilled. I am particularly drawn to the straightforward and transparent nature of the company and believe both our internal team and clients will appreciate this.

In my spare time I enjoy travelling, cooking and socialising with friends and family.

Adam Mountstephens, Account Manager

As a keen student of technology and with a fondness for creativity I was always set to work in or around technology. I started out as a Network Engineer / Administrator based at a fast growing London based company. Eventually, my natural creativity saw me move into Graphic Design and Marketing.

I very much enjoy collaborating with others towards a common goal or solving a problem. As a result of this I’ve always found myself working in client facing roles. I understand the importance that a good working relationship brings to the table when working on large projects.

In my spare time I enjoy listening to and playing music (guitar / piano), cooking, learning about technology and spending time with friends.

Dylan James, Senior Collaboration Architect

I regard myself as a technology evangelist and have always had a fascination with IT Systems particularly in telecommunications and networking. As such, my aim has always been to help people and companies flourish in their chosen workspace. My IT career spanning over 13 years has led me to disentangle and solve complex enterprise network issues both in the datacenter through to wide area networking, with a focus on Collaboration, Mobility and Remote Access.

I hold a CCIE in Collaboration, MCSE and I am a key contributor on numerous Cisco Community support forums.

jack dempsey tesrex

Jack Dempsey, Marketing Coordinator

In 2017 I gained my BSc degree in Marketing from Newcastle University. I gained valuable knowledge in the marketing industry, whilst developing a specific interest in digital and inbound marketing, which is integral to my role at Tesrex. While at University, I developed my design and photoshop skills, creating clothing and merchandise that I successfully sold online. Working at Tesrex has enabled my web design practice and general skill set to increase.

As a recent graduate, I provide fresh insight to SEO; paid-search marketing; social media and content strategies. These are valuable strengths in a rapidly-shifting industry, such as the technology sector. When I’m not working, I love playing Golf and American Football.