The best of breed solution was designed to help simplify the ever-growing security needs of individual businesses and to evolve with the ever-changing landscape. Business needs can vary, from preparing for upcoming regulatory compliance such as GDPR, or simply wanting greater visibility into your environment along with insights into user behaviour. There has been a rapid increase in the number of security products available in the market in order to combat continued growth and evolution in various threat vectors. This has left businesses with a tremendous challenge to determine which products are best suited to their practice and ultimately which provides the most value.

As business complexity increases, security can no longer be thought of as a point solution. Where the firewall was once the king of security, it is now merely another link in the chain. Our goal is to help in demystifying this complex landscape and put together a complete end-to-end platform consisting of industry leading vendors.

To achieve our ultimate goal, we engaged with the best vendors in their respective fields, performed extensive in-house R&D and sought to align their strengths into an efficient, cost-effective and easy to manage solution.

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Best of Breed Security Platform Feature Overview

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Next Generation Firewall (Layer 4-7)

A layer 7 (Application) level firewall gives us insight into what applications and services are being utilised by the users & how they flow through the network. Only then can we start making intelligent decisions around the risk factors associated with various applications, whether they’re cloud based or on-premise. It also gives us great insight into user trends & behaviour.

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Advanced EndPoint Protection

Traditional A/V is reactive by design, with signature based detection only able to detect what has already been seen before. Advanced EndPoint Protection changes this by looking at the actual exploit techniques being used and blocking them before they are successful. Anything it doesn’t already know can be automatically forwarded to a sandbox for safe detonation, the results of which filter to every device worldwide within minutes.

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Full SSL Visibility

Growth of SSL within organisations has continued to skyrocket year over year. New forms of Ransomware & other malicious activities are using SSL because it’s common knowledge that SSL traffic is bypassed by most security policies. Looking at trends, inspecting SSL traffic within an organisation needs to be a top priority to preserve your data and brand.

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Single Pane of Glass Management

The ability to manage and correlate security events across multiple firewalls through a single interface not only reduces complexity but gives you real optics into your environment. Couple that with being able to combine the events from your Advanced EndPoint Protection Suite and you have a fully developed security envelope around your users and data.

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Zero Day Prevention

How do you protect against the new and the unknown? The answer to that is by building a platform around intelligent decision making & recognising where these threats originate from. Once we can inhibit the source, the chances of becoming Patient Zero are greatly reduced.

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Brand Protection & Visibility

How are you made aware of other domains impersonating your brand? Are you aware of your internal users being targeted by cyber criminals with newly created domains? Having this actionable information at your fingertips is essential to protecting your brand. It’s one of the most critical, yet often overlooked parts of a full security profile.

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Scalability Without Complexity

As companies transition towards Software Defined Networking & increasing use of Cloud services, we must develop a platform that moves seamlessly between these offerings without compromising our overarching security policy. Our platform has been built in a modular way with one eye on the future.

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Maximised Performance

As great as features are, they must not inhibit performance. In business, speed is key. Building a platform which has performance capable of exceeding expectations is the key to avoiding bottlenecks and/or expensive forklift upgrades in the future.

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Extend Security to the Cloud

When moving to a cloud provider, it’s important to remember that security of your data is your own individual responsibility & not that of the cloud provider. Being able to seamlessly extend & manage your security policies from on-premise to cloud will ensure a level of consistency & comfort in knowing your data is protected to your own standards.

Next Steps

The security landscape is always evolving. Accepting that notion allows us to build solutions that are fluid in design. As the threats and challenges evolve, we bring together different pieces to form a broad solution that meets the business needs. It’s for that exact reason we do not specify the vendors involved. As part of our R&D we test and validate multiple products and designs from various leading vendors. This means that when the time comes, we are able to build a completely one-off security platform that aligns to your security goals without compromising business agility.

As our security platform is modular in design, it can be implemented in phases, avoiding the sometimes-daunting prospect of a large-scale overhaul in favour of a multi-stage evolution. The first step is to meet and review your security together, assessing your current environment to determine which platform offerings are the best fit and contribute the most towards achieving your goals.

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