Collaboration Assessment Introduction

The Tesrex Collaboration Assessment is ideal for customers who are planning to migrate from a legacy VoIP System to a more innovative Cisco VoIP, Video, Webex System or even move from an existing on-prem Cisco solution to a Webex Cloud Solution such as Webex Calling, Webex Teams and Webex Video. The Tesrex Collaboration Assessment is a thorough, impartial, consultative analysis of an organisation’s collaboration strategy.

Where we can take you

We want to take you on a journey of collaboration transformation. We will work with you to streamline your communication processes to achieve great efficiency amongst your teams. The basis of this is the Cisco Collaboration portfolio, for example, Cisco Webex and the Room Kit series of devices.

How our Collaboration Assessments work

The first step is to meet and liaise with the stakeholders to discuss the full scope of the assessment. This initial meeting allows us to gain an informed level of understanding of the business, core practices, resources and aims. Our goal is to establish what the main focus of the assessment will be and what the business wants to achieve from it. During this process, we formally agree on the key aspects and overall structure of the assessment to ensure the needs of the customer are met.

– We engage regularly with our clients throughout the assessment process.

– Regular checkups will ensure that all sides are working towards a common goal both from an Executive and Technology-driven perspective.

– Delivering impartial, balanced results that speak to both the business and technology leaders of the company is paramount.

collaboration assessment

Our 3-phase process


Starting with the Discover phase, we look at your overall network configuration. Information is gathered from all devices and network components. Analysis of network performance, bandwidth and equipment takes place. This phase allows us to establish a baseline of knowledge and understanding of the organisations existing environment where topics such as scalability, resiliency, remote working, legacy and future technology will be discussed in great detail.


During the Assess phase, we’ll be focusing on why the environment is the way it is and what steps need to be taken to remedy and ready the environment. We’ll be looking for potential stumbling blocks and root causes that will need to be dealt with prior to any Collaboration Implementation.


The final phase is the Review phase where we compose and present comprehensive reports, charts and high/low-level schematics to identify the organisation’s readiness. We will present to the stakeholders and any technical personnel detailing our findings and recommendations, going over specific technologies for the future and establishing a realistic road map.

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Cisco Webex

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As part of our assessment, we will help you get started with Cisco Webex for free as a Proof of Concept (PoC). Cisco Webex is a market leading meeting platform that allows you to collaborate with colleagues, customers and partners in seconds. It was carefully built with simplicity in mind so anyone can use it.

This also comes with Webex Teams, a secure instant messaging platform. You can instantly chat, share files and whiteboard and it can installed on whichever device you need. It’s essentially the secure Whatsapp for businesses.

cisco webex teams screenshot

How our customer’s have benefitted

Increase ROI

Our Customers are able to more effectively plan and predict financial Investments to extend the lifecycle of their Collaboration solutions.

Improve executive practices

Having a clear Collaboration strategy with a strong executive approach eases the decision making process for stakeholders.

Ease administration

Engineering teams learn new ways to manage and Collaborate effectively using the latest on-premises or cloud-based practices.

Production optimisation

Companies understand how to bring their staff together using the very best technological practices that integrate people, processes and technology.

Scale efficiently

Customers now understand how to design a baseline modular network that’s flexible, robust and is fully equipped for future deployments.

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Find out more about our Collaboration Assessment service. We’re more than happy to answer any of your questions.