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A complete Cisco Phone System from just £11/month per user, now with FREE installation & training

  • 11 January, 2019

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This article is published on behalf of our partner company, My Cloud Voice.

Chances are at some point in your working career you’ve had an issue with your small business phone system. Too many phone providers think it’s okay to give a below par system for a huge price with extravagant hidden fees thrown in. When you finally tell them enough is enough, they’ll often come back to you stating the number of years remaining that you’re contractually obliged to pay them for. You suddenly realise you’re trapped into using a phone system that doesn’t fulfil your needs for years to come.

At My Cloud Voice, we believe in full transparency with our customers. We are transforming the way business is done in this industry and our first objective is to prioritise customer service. Our site allows you to easily build the small business phone system that perfectly suits all of your business needs for a free online quote which tells you exactly how much you would be paying each month. All of our pricing is laid out simply so you know exactly what you are paying for and how much.

Our second core objective is to provide small businesses with the quality of phone system that you would see in large global businesses. The fact that your business is smaller does not mean you should settle for second best. We designed the My Cloud Voice communication platform to run on award-winning Cisco collaboration technology. Cisco is the leading provider of voice solutions across the globe and their phones are practically unrivalled in terms of reliability and functionality.

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A lot of the time, when businesses think of Cisco they immediately think expensive. Whereas this is true when it comes to some of Cisco’s advanced industry-leading software products, for small business phone systems this isn’t the case at all! With My Cloud Voice, you can get a complete phone system for a little as £11/month per employee. That is one of the lowest prices around AND this includes all the physical handsets. Many companies nowadays will offer a low price but give you a phone system that relies on you plugging headphones into your computer instead of using a real phone. The advantages and disadvantages of this setup can be found here.

If you upgrade your small business phone system with us, we can offer a great 0% financing option through our partner Cisco. This means you can pay for your system while you’re using it with steady monthly payments over a time period of your choice. Unlike many of our competitors, we also have very flexible contract lengths. If you only want to pay for a year, that’s absolutely fine! We trust that you’ll be so pleased with the service that you receive that you’ll choose to extend it after the contract ends.

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For a limited time, we are offering a promotion where you will receive both a full system installation and staff training absolutely free! This would normally cost £1000 so make sure you do not miss this great deal.

Go to our site now and have a go at building a business phone system perfectly tailored for you on our site today to get a free online quote. It only takes a short couple of minutes. We look forward to hearing from you!

Build Your Small Business Phone System

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