Storage & Virtualisation

The evolution of storage has been fantastic to witness for the last decade. From the introduction of SSDs to native inline de-duplication, the storage platform has gone from a passive array of discs to transforming into a software driven powerhouse in the data center.

Converged and hyper converged storage offerings allow customer to determine what is the best use case for their current environment and just as important, their road map for the future. One customers’ needs might be best suited by all in one device (Hyper Converged) to reduce the data center footprint and ease of management where as another customer is better fit to keep a level of modularity (Converged) in their storage environment to accomplish different goals.

At Tesrex we believe it’s important to team up with key partners that can accommodate a wider range of customer needs than brute forcing a product into an environment.

The driving force behind has these technologies has been the exponential growth of virtualisation. We are no longer just limited to virtualisation of the servers. With Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), many organisations are quickly transitioning to providing the desktop as a device to their end user.

With intelligence based storage solutions being able to continuously learn and optimize the usage of the workloads, the end user experience in a VDI environment can rival that of a traditional desktop at a fraction of the cost and minimal support overhead.

For administrators, the ease of upgrades, patching, migration of data and servers in a virtualized environment is a no brainer. This allows the staff to spend more time on discovering new technologies that can accelerate the business instead of spending majority of their time in maintenance mode.

converged infrastructure evolution

As there are many options and combinations in the marketplace, we leverage our experience to match the right storage and virtualisation platforms for your business. Your wish lists, road map, feature set, TCO metric, learning curve and support are just few of elements we strongly consider when working with our customers.

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