Unified Collaboration

Cisco Collaboration, Consistently Driving Workplace Performance

As anyone who lives in the UK knows, when snow arrives, the majority of the country comes to a standstill. So what can businesses do about it? We can prepare for it so that no productivity is lost. This is now possible by implementing a few revolutionary Cisco collaboration products.

Cisco Spark Voice Assistant is Coming Soon

After announcing in November last year that would be releasing a new AI Spark Voice Assistant to all users of Cisco Spark, Cisco have now unveiled its capabilities in front of an audience and announced that it will be unleashed for use by all Spark users soon.

How Cisco Led The Contact Centre Market in 2017

Cisco commanded the contact centre market in the US last year. Dylan James talks about why he thinks they were so successful.

5 Things You’ll Love About Cisco’s Business Edition 4000

Earlier this year Cisco launched a revolutionary and exciting new package specifically designed for organisations with 25-200 employees. No longer will SMEs have to settle for second best when it comes to their communications system, arguably the main determinant in business prosperity.

Save Serious Money By Upgrading To PCCE 11.6

With Cisco’s PCCE version 11.5, it was compulsory to purchase the Standard VMware license which is often over £25,000 per UCS server. However, now you can save money with Cisco PCCE 11.6.

CUBE SIP Integration: The Challenge I Had With A UK Service Provider!

The Challenge   I was asked to integrate a CUBE gateway with a UK Service Provider using SIP. Considering a CUBE SIP integration was a task I had performed many times with service providers in the US, I thought it would be a walk in the park. Unfortunately, I was mistaken.

Cisco Spark Board – a new way of collaborating

Cisco Spark Board is the all in-one device for team collaboration. From the touch of a finger, you can participate in digital whiteboard sessions and wirelessly present, and execute video conferences.

SIP Trunking Introduction & Benefits

SIP Trunking stands for Session Initiation Protocol and is a form of IP based telephony that continues to gain traction within the industry. SIP is the standard communications protocol for voice and video in a Unified Communications (UC) solution across a data network.